Update on Spectre and Meltdown

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In our last post, we discussed Spectre and Meltdown, two major vulnerabilities that could affect nearly every computing device in the world.  Spectre and Meltdown can allow savvy attackers to copy all the data on a computer.  Some manufacturers, such as Microsoft and Intel, issued patches and others are still working on theirs.  Read more to find out how to … Read More

Spectre and Meltdown Could Compromise Billions of Computers

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The New York Times reported that security experts recently identified two major vulnerabilities in the processors that power nearly all computers in the world. Called Meltdown and Spectre,these vulnerabilities allow attackers to copy all of the data on a computer. How Can I Protect My Company? Intel announced on January 4 that they developed updates which will protect 90 percent of the processors … Read More

Zero Day Attacks Are Difficult but Not Impossible to Defend Against

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Hackers look forward to zero-day attacks, while companies dread them. Learn what makes these attacks especially challenging to fend off and the basic precautions businesses can take to avoid becoming a victim. Cybercriminals are continually trying to discover new bugs, backdoors, and other vulnerabilities in software. Worth thousands of dollars on the Dark Web, finding a new vulnerability is like … Read More

BBH Helps Protect Clients From KRACK Attack

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A major Wi-Fi security vulnerability hit the news this week.  Dubbed “KRACK” for “Key Reinstallation Attacks”, the vulnerability affects the most common wireless security protocols, WPA and WPA2. Virtually any device that connects to a Wi-Fi network is at risk.  The vulnerability allows attackers to view all communications while on an affected wireless network and inject malware that can collect personal … Read More

Locky Ransomware Is Back in a Big Way

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Cybercriminals launched four new Locky ransomware attacks in a single month. In one of them, more than 23 million phishing emails were sent in just 24 hours. Learn about these attacks and how to protect your business from them.   After taking a brief hiatus, cybercriminals launched four new Locky ransomware attacks in August 2017. The biggest one occurred on … Read More