Locky Ransomware Is Back in a Big Way

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Cybercriminals launched four new Locky ransomware attacks in a single month. In one of them, more than 23 million phishing emails were sent in just 24 hours. Learn about these attacks and how to protect your business from them.   After taking a brief hiatus, cybercriminals launched four new Locky ransomware attacks in August 2017. The biggest one occurred on … Read More

Cybercriminals Are Posing as Job Applicants to Spread Ransomware

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If your business is hiring, you should be aware of a new phishing attack in which cybercriminals are posing as job applicants. Falling victim to this attack may leave your business infected with the GoldenEye ransomware. This phishing campaign was initiated in Germany, but security experts expect it will go global. How the Attack Works Hackers like to target HR … Read More

Microsoft Is Ending Support for Several Business Applications in 2017

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The year 2017 marks the end of the line for five Microsoft applications: Office 2007, Exchange Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, Visio 2007, and Project 2007. Microsoft will no longer support these applications because they are at the end of their lifecycles. If your business is running any of these applications, you should consider upgrading them before the support stops. … Read More

Pocket-sized Device Can Hack Password-Protected Computers

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It’s Monday morning, and you desperately need another cup of coffee. You know that going to the lunchroom only takes a few minutes, so you don’t bother closing all your applications and shutting down your machine. Instead, you lock your computer using a password. Your data is safe, right? Not anymore, thanks to a device known as PoisonTap. When plugged … Read More

Warn Your Staff about This Malicious Email

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Be on guard — a fake security email is making the rounds. Disguised as an email from Microsoft, this phishing email is deceiving people into infecting their computers with a bot called Neutrino. This bot enables cybercriminals to take control of the infected machines. The hackers then use the machines for various malicious activities, such as stealing credentials and data. … Read More