BBH Helps Protect Clients From KRACK Attack

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A major Wi-Fi security vulnerability hit the news this week.  Dubbed “KRACK” for “Key Reinstallation Attacks”, the vulnerability affects the most common wireless security protocols, WPA and WPA2. Virtually any device that connects to a Wi-Fi network is at risk.  The vulnerability allows attackers to view all communications while on an affected wireless network and inject malware that can collect personal information.

All devices that connect to Wi-Fi – laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs – can be protected by applying the appropriate updates when they become available.  Wireless networks also need to be updated to protect the integrity of all connections made on that network.

How to find out if you are protected

Protect your servers, desktops, and laptops

BBH Customers with Lookout protection on servers and workstations that run on Microsoft Windows are already protected.  Microsoft released a security update on October 10th which was deployed to all BBH Lookout Windows server and workstation clients.  Other platforms including Apple MacOSX, iOS, Android, and Linux are in various stages of releasing patches.  Patches will be automatically deployed for Mac users that are covered by the BBH Lookout Workstation service as soon as they are available

Protect your network

As of October 16, all Cisco wireless products can be affected by a KRACK attack.  At the time of this writing, most Cisco products are being evaluated for exposure and necessary updates are being tested.

BBH Managed Network customers won’t need to spend valuable time installing and monitoring code releases. We do that work for you.  We are continuously evaluating software installed on Cisco devices for available software updates.  When an update is available for any affected products, we contact our customers to schedule updates.

Meraki released software updates for most of its products. Many clients with Meraki Wireless networks are already protected.  BBH customers with Meraki equipment that have not yet been updated will be contacted when updates become available.

To find out if you are protected or to learn how to protect your IT assets and data from attack call us at 844-224-4968. You can also visit our site to request more information.