Too Hard To Retrieve Lost Data?

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Let BBH "Lookout" for your network and systems, 24x7x365 ​Seriously- how important is securing your company’s information? When you lose data, are you able to retrieve it quickly? Well, step one is to monitor your desktops and servers, 24x7x365. 95% of all breaches come from viruses and attack agents that are already known. The problem is that it’s difficult for … Read More

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Backup Service Provider

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Regularly backing up your data is crucial. After all, the loss of your data can interrupt daily operations and might even grind your business operations to a halt. Given the importance of data backups, finding the right data backup service provider for your company might seem difficult. However, with enough preparation, you can find a provider that meets all your … Read More

4 Steps for Creating a Business Continuity Plan

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Developing strategies for business growth is a cornerstone of the modern organization. Developing strategies to help avoid business loss is just as important, which means business continuity plans are critical. These documents provide detailed plans on how to keep essential operations running during an emergency in order to minimize losses. Some organizations call these documents "disaster recovery plans." Others use … Read More