Smart Building Tech Adds Value To Office Space

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Office Relocation IT Infrastructure

The Importance of Offering Smart Technology Infrastructure to Prospective Tenants As they age into C-Level positions and ownership, Millennials and Gen Zers are shaping the way we all do business. Tech writer Larry Alton put it well when he wrote that these two generations are “Digital Natives”.  “Not only do 91 percent of Gen Zers surveyed use technology to broaden … Read More

Business Continues for Remote Workers During Challenging Times

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Business Continues Remote Workers Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak may result in many workers in quarantine for up to two weeks.  The Wall Street Journal reported this week on a Texas couple who continued to work from home after one of them returned from a trip to China.  Jing and Warren Johnson self-quarantined and were able to keep commitments with their customers and co-workers using remote … Read More

Office Relocation: 4 IT Principles You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Moving is said to be among the most stressful human experiences. Relocating a business, however, is far more complicated, given a higher degree of moving parts, more people involved and the interoperability of a slew of technology from different platforms and solutions. Yet the difficulty in matching a new location to existing IT infrastructure is often overlooked by organizations. Here’s … Read More

Hackers’ Newest Trick Hides Ransomware While It Encrypts Victims’ Files

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A ransomware variant known as Snatch is now more dangerous than ever. Learn about the newest trick that cybercriminals are using to make this ransomware harder to detect while it is encrypting files. Cybercriminals have been using a ransomware variant known as Snatch to encrypt files on Windows computers since 2018. Recently, researchers discovered that hackers have added a new … Read More

Five Cybersecurity Tips

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In our September 25, 2019 blog post, we wrote about the disproportionate danger that cyber threats pose to Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs). These risks are avoidable – they exist in the large part due to; under-spending on IT security, inadequate or incomplete technology protections, and lack of employee training. Although criminals are targeting SMBs, employing best practices can help protect your … Read More