Microsoft Is Ending Support for Several Business Applications in 2017

Posted 2017-03-21

In 2017, Microsoft is ending its support for Office 2007, Exchange Server 2007, and SharePoint Server 2007. Here is why you should consider upgrading these applications if you are using them.



Pocket-sized Device Can Hack Password-Protected Computers

Posted 2017-03-08

Protecting your business's computers just became much harder thanks to a $5 device known as PoisonTap. Here is what you need to know about this new threat.



Warn Your Staff about This Malicious Email

Posted 2017-02-10

A fake security email is deceiving people into downloading malware that lets cybercriminals take control of their computers. Find out how to protect your business from this attack.



How Hackers Con Employees to Steal Company Data

Posted 2017-02-02

Even if your business has the most advanced security systems in place, hackers might still be able to get past them with a phone call or office visit. Learn how hackers could trick your employees into giving them the information they need to hack into your computer systems.



The Devastating Effects of Cyberattacks on Small-to-Medium Businesses

Posted 2017-01-26

Small businesses are often the target of cybercriminals. Learn why a single cyberattack can cost your business more than $50,000.